Cummerbund & Pouches – £75

*Also available in BLACK for a Storm Commando and GREEN for the Swamp Trooper*

Our scout ‘bunds are tailored to the individual for a perfect fit….

Made from Mercerised Cotton, they feature the correct ribbing pattern on the torso, a 2 inch velcro closure at the rear, a separate ‘cod’ section with the curved double stitching across the front.

The pouches are made from cotton canvas fabric with the correct flap detailing and are designed to be sewn to the cummerbund when you have the correct placement for your costume (they are supplied loose).

These can also be supplied in BLACK for the Storm Commando or GREEN for the Swamp Trooper.

Bund FAQ’s:

But the pouches aren’t attached?
Nope… They are supplied loose because their final placement is somewhat dependant upon their relationship to the chest plate on the armour. Without knowing this for certain, it’s not sensible to put them on at this stage.

How does the bund stay up?
There are multiple ways to achieve this, and none are right or wrong.
They are an individual preference thing, and we can advise on the multiple ways of doing so. Just ask!
We can provide any extra bits (velcro/elastic) to achieve this.