Turtle Costume – £TBC

A labour of love and a dream for many men. Who didn’t want to be a turtle growing up? Well, we did too. And this is why we went to painstaking lengths to recreate the iconic look of the 1990 Ninja Turtle Costume.

This costume comprises of:

  • Head (coloured bandana to suit)
  • Torso with elbow pads
  • Thighs with knee pads
  • Shell
  • Forearms
  • Feet
  • Leather belt
  • Choice of weapon (con-safe foam/plastic weapons)

The body suit is cast with muscle structure and is a foam & latex mix. The feet have shoes cast into them and you can see (very little) through the eyes. This a not a costume for the feint of heart. It’s restrictive, hot & very sweaty.

But it’s worth every second!