Two options available:

  • OPTION A – Scout boots, minus holster – £120
  • OPTION B – Scout boots, with holster – £160

*Also available in BLACK for a Storm Commando (Shadow Scout)*
*Limited availability in GREEN for Swamp Trooper, please email*

Our scout boots are tailored to the individual for a perfect fit….

Based on an existing boot, in the same fashion as the originals, our boots are specifically made to order and made to measure just for you.
Our sizes range from UK6 to UK13 (other sizes may be available, please email so we can check availability). We are only able to offer ‘full sizes’, so if you happen to be a half size, we will always go up to the next full size.
They are made from heavy grade vinyl leatherette which is glued and stitched to the base boot for maximum durability.
They feature a 1″ velcro closure at the rear with the correct ‘right/left’ overlaps for each side.
The boot soles are cut as you can see in the pictures and feature the correct curved ‘dog-bone’ cover and 1/2″ toe strip.
We also add in the rear upper tab and stitching details that can be found on the original boots. Please see additional pictures for reference.

We can offer them with or without the holster attached.

These are also available in BLACK for the Storm Commando and GREEN for the Swamp Trooper (depending on availability of the correct vinyl).