Smartgun Headset KIT – £100
Smartgun Headset Built – £150

IN STOCK – Please email to order.

“Drake, check your camera!!”

No Smartgunner would be complete without the iconic headset………….

Our resin cast replica of the M56 SmartGun headset is cast from an original Beyer HM560 headset that was used in the film.
The headbands are made from sprung steel, with plastic resin tabs.
The camera lens is a replica cast from an original Pentax lens.
Where possible, the main body has been replicated using casts of original parts such as the G1 Megatron arm, Olympus camera parts and Nuetrik plugs.

The kit contains all the parts required to build the headset and will come with raw cast resin parts.
The built versions will be built/painted and weathered.