Options available.

OPTION A – Scout Armour kit, includes all straps, greeblies etc – £290

OPTION B – Scout Armour and Helmet kit combo. – £370

*Also available in BLACK for a Storm Commando* –
*Also available in GREEN for the Swamp Trooper*  – |

Lead time 4-6 weeks – Please Email to Order.

FULLY BUILT Suits are currently unavailable to allow us to clear our backlog.
Once we’re back up to speed, we’ll re-open orders on these.

The Biker Scout first graced our screens in 1983 during Return Of The Jedi. They were the speeder bike riding Imperial troops who, unfortunately, came a cropper at the hands of the Ewoks.  Nevertheless, the costume remains an extremely popular choice for people wishing to build (or buy) an Imperial costume. One of the main advantages of the Biker Scout, over a Stormtrooper or TIE Pilot, is the comfort. The costume has more soft parts than most and the helmet affords excellent all-round vision. All this and the fact you can sit-down!

Our armour is a fan sculpt made to closely resemble the Screen Used items and is vacuum formed from 2mm plastic in the same fashion as the originals.

We offer a building service to complete the armour and strap it to your specific sizes.

The armour is available in White, Black or Green.

Finished armour is as you see on the right. All hard armour parts, minus helmet & blaster (available separately):

Armour FAQ’s:

Do you make the gloves?
No. That’s the one bit we don’t do. Check out WampaWear for gloves. That’s who I used for mine, and they’re pretty spiffy!

Is it ‘ready to wear’?
Not exactly…. Yes, you can put it all on, but it will still need some ‘trooping modifications’, before you go boogying on down!
Because bits will ‘wander’ when wearing them, they do need securing to your suit, and you can only do this when you know where they need to sit exactly.
There is extra Velcro in with the suit to allow you to do this.
Same goes for the zip tie shoulder harnesses. We leave them ‘long’ so you can cinch them up to your requirements when you get it all on.

That’s pretty much the ‘trooping mantra’. Velcro is your friend!

If you prefer to build the armour yourself we also supply it in kit form. It has everything you need including straps, greeblies & rivets:

For information on building your own Scout kit, please see our tutorials page where the build process is documented for you.