There are four options:

  • OPTION A – Trousers or Shirt, single – £170 
  • OPTION B – Trousers and Shirt – £320 
  • OPTION C – Single shirt with printed patches and name tapes – £200 
  • OPTION D – Trousers and Shirt with printed patches and name tapes – £350

    Pre-Order ONLY – Please email.

We would like to think that these are currently the most accurate set of USCM Colonial Marine BDUs in production anywhere in the world. We don’t claim that they are… We just would like to think so.

Again, one of those iconic, but hard-to-get-right parts of the costume. Mainly due to the camouflage pattern; It has no real world equivalent, it was never made for anything other than the film “Aliens”.
The fabric for those fatigues used in the film was printed by a textile company in London in the 80’s. It’s highly likely that they only had sufficient fabric made to cover what was used on set and it was never printed again. It’s sometimes incorrectly referred to as ‘frog leaf’ pattern, loosely based on 1940’s US pacific theatre operations, yet its actual origins are still unclear.

We were very kindly allowed to study Harry’s set of ‘Screen Used’ Colonial Marine USCM BDUs to ensure ours were the same in detail. Needless to say we’ve recreated every pocket, seam and button in detail to try and replicate the screen used originals as best we can.
In some areas, seams have been reinforced beyond the screen used items for longevity.
They come with Mandarin style collars, functioning bloused pockets on the shirt and trousers. Made with heavy weight (255gsm) cotton drill material, sewn with bonded nylon thread. The fabric is professionally digitally printed by a reputable UK company that also supplies the British Army with its fabric.

This means that all our COLONIAL MARINE ‘USCM’ clothing is printed onto unshrunk cotton and the garments individually tailored by hand. Needless to say this takes a lot of time (and money).

In creating the camouflage pattern we were very lucky to have the help of Harry Harris.  He sent us a swatch of screen used fabric to check the accuracy of the design.

Have a look for yourself. I think you’ll agree that it’s a PERFECT match. Note the swatch, overlaid on a roll of our fabric below: