Building your Colonial Marine Armour

Tools used in this tutorial

Trimming Tool (shears, Lexan scissors or similar)
Stanley Knife
Sand Paper (120 grit or thereabouts)
Dremel with sanding drum and 3mm or 4mm Milling bit
Drill with 3.3mm drill bit (4mm drill bit will work if you can’t find a 3.3mm)
Rivet gun / Hand Riveter
Heat Gun (optional)
Paint Brushes
Needle and Thread for webbing straps

Here is the video Tutorial for building your armour

Paint and Weathering quick reference guide

Humbrol Enamel Paints.

30 – Dark Green
91 – Black Green
98 – Chocolate Brown
110 – Natural Wood
1 – Primer Grey (see video note on this colour)

Silver for weathering and battle damage.
MIG or Humbrol black weathering powder.
Hot Spot Grate Polish

(ZeeBrite was used on the originals, but this changed to Zebo in later years, but was a different much thicker/darker polish)

Some of the brackets were painted in the infamous “Brown Bess” colour, which is no longer available. It varied from suit to suit, so it’s your choice whether to use this or not.

You can find alternatives of it, but for ease
Revell 46 Nato Olive is a good colour.