Building an IR Sight

Tools used in this tutorial

1x IR Sight Kit

Soldering Iron
Wire Strippers/Cutters
Super Glue

Step 1

Make sure you have all the parts of the kit ready and all of your tools and stuff nicely to hand.
You’ll need a soldering iron, solder and flux. The heatshrink and Superglue.

Please note there are a mix of photos in this tutorial of the various iterations of the IR sight we’ve done over the years. So the one you get might not look exactly the same, but the process for putting the latest one together is the same.

We’ll get round to doing a video walk through at some point!

Step 2

Wire the two bulbs in PARALLEL and heat shrink the joins.

Long legs of the LED’s are the Positives (red wire) and the short legs are the negatives (black wire).
Make sure the LED’s fit down the holes in the IR sight inner body.

Add in the Battery box on the other ends of the wires.

Check to make sure the circuit works before going any further!

Step 3

Slide the Inner body into the Outer body and then glue the inner body retaining block to the outer body.
Make sure that this is in the correct place and that the inner can freely slide down over the retaining block

Insert the Lens (do not glue this in), place the IR Sight T-Track ring in over the lens and put a tiny spot of superglue in the corners making sure not to get on the lens itself.

Glue on the prongs onto the bottom of the inner body.

Step 4

Insert the retaining lever into the side of the body where the slot is and push the metal pin in through the hole.

Check operation of the IR sight and make sure it releases when the lever is pressed.

You may need to take a tiny sliver off the end of the retaining lever if it doesn’t quite let go of the inner body when pressed.
This can be done with a sharp knife.

The IR Sight should now be ready to install into your helmet.

Step 5

Cut a hole in the front of the helmet that is big enough to accommodate the IR sight.

The edge of the hole needs to be as close to the strike plate rivet as possible, still leaving enough meat on the helmet so the rivet can be secure.
There should be enough room under the strike plate, so it’s all concealed with no gaps etc.

The tabs on the IR sight body should sit inside the lip of the hole in the helmet.

Cut an extra little notch in the bottom edge so the lever has enough room to operate freely without fouling.

Place the IR sight into the hole, making sure there it’s all working OK.

Step 6

Cut the Liner of the helmet in a similar fashion to the image.

The bottom ‘tab’ acts as the retainer for the IR sight when it is placed in the helmet.

You need to feed the wires INSIDE the liner as you put the liner into the helmet and make sure that they do not get trapped between the liner and the helmet.

Step 7

Glue the battery case to the inside of the liner or add a bit of velcro here so it’s removable.
Make sure the switch part of the battery case is pointing downwards so you can operate the switch whilst you are wearing the helmet.

Jobs done.