Building an IR Sight

Tools used in this tutorial

1x IR Sight Kit

Soldering Iron
Wire Strippers/Cutters
Super Glue

Step 1

Make sure you have all the parts of the kit ready and all of your tools and stuff nicely to hand.

Step 2

Skip this step!

The new design has the SWITCH on the battery box.

Go straight onto the wiring!

Step 3

Wire in the LEDs to the switch (long leg, positive pole, short leg negative pole).

push the LEDs down the holes so they sit flush with the ends of the holes.

Make sure the LEDs are wired in PARALLEL and not in series.

(IGNORE THE SWITCH in this picture. It’s no longer part of the kit).

Step 4

Slide the inner assembly into the outer.

Glue down the inner retainer (rectangular block), making sure that the block is able to slide up the channel of the inner assembly (this also activates the switch).

It is best to mount the retainer so it is 2-3mm from the bottom of the outer case, and not flush. This aids switch activation.

Step 5

On the rear…

Secure the lever into the pivot with the metal pin.

Place the pivot onto the back of the IR sight housing so that the pointy end sits in the hole on the housing. Make sure it can move freely in this hole, and that it catches the IR Sight inner assembly without any snags.

You may need to trim the end of the latch ever so slightly to make sure it has good operation.

Glue the pivot to the housing.

Step 6

Glue the T-Track and the Prongs to the front of the inner assembly.

Insert the ‘lens’ and glue in place. Make sure that the edge of the lens sits directly over the LED’s. This is so the light refracts through the lens.

Step 7

Wire up the LED’s to a power source of your choice (4v Max).

Two CR2032 Batteries (holder supplied in the kit) or a 3.7v LiPo (same as a drone battery) work perfectly for this.

Jobs done.